Sunday, April 30, 2017

Many of us have a strong desire to connect with others on social media. And, in doing so, we tend to let our guard down when sharing personal information & photos. Over the past couple weeks I have received friend requests on Facebook from people that I am already friends with. After investigating the requests I have found that the profile pages are an exact duplicate of the non hacker and scammer. The identity thieves have FULL access to your personal information, contacts, and pictures of your grand kids or other family members to hack them.
Identity thieves will gain access to your online accounts, including bank & credit card accounts, by combining the seemingly innocent information found on your social media sites with the information available on the dark web.
In MARCH 2017, LegalShield upgraded its IDShield solution to include a SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING feature for its members.
SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING allows you to monitor multiple social media accounts & content feeds for privacy and reputational risks. You can set up monitoring for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram accounts to receive reports and alerts for content items such as image captions, posts, and comments. You will be alerted to privacy risks like the exposure of personally identifying information, including street address, date of birth, or Social Security number. Social Media Monitoring also searches for content that has the potential to create reputational risks, like foul language, drug & alcohol references, or discriminatory terms. When alerted, you will receive step-by-step guidelines to follow so that the detected risks are contained.
Identity Theft is NOT going away!
For more information or to get protected TODAY, visit, PM me or comment below. $9.95/month Individual (Family $10 more)

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