Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why does my computer lock up or stop responding often?

I often get asked what causes my computer to lock up or stop responding on a continuous basis?
Here is a list of reasons that could cause your computer to lock up or stop responding:
1.) Software Related Issue.
2.) Driver Related Issue.
3.) Heat Related Issue.
4.) Hardware Issue \ Hardware Failure
5.) Serious Issue with Windows Operating System

Software Related Issue - 

A computer locking up or freezing is often is caused by a software related issue. If you're encountering lockups when the computer is opening a particular program, make sure you have all the latest updates for that program. You can find the latest updates for your software through the software developer or publisher.

To recover from a program that has stopped responding, a user can generally press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys on his or her keyboards to open the "Close Program" window or open the "Task Manager" window and click the "End Task" button to terminate the program. If another window opens, click the "End Task" button again to confirm stopping that program.

It is important to realize that when a program stops responding any work that has not been saved will more than likely be lost when end tasking a program. Unfortunately, there is no alternative.

Driver Related Issue -

A computer lock up can also be caused by drivers. For example, if there is an issue that exists with your video drivers a computer could lock up while playing a game or displaying any other type of video. Make sure you have the latest drivers for all major devices in your computer (video, sound, modem, and network).

Heat Related Issue - 

If the computer processor is getting too hot it can cause the computer to freeze. If you have heard any abnormal noises coming from your computer recently such as a high squealing, this could indicate a fan may be failing in your computer.

If this is the case, we can clean up the inside of your PC and check to see if any fans or internal parts need to replaced to allow better air flow throughout the PC.

Hardware Issue / Hardware Failure -

In addition to software, hardware can also cause a computer to lock. If you have recently added any new hardware into the computer, try temporarily removing it to make sure it is not the cause of your issue.

In a hardware issue, the following items are most likely to cause this problem... RAM, CPU, Motherboard, and/or Power Supply. If one of these items are malfunctioning, they will have to be replaced to fix the problem. Please check with us so we can diagnose this issue and see what needs to be done.

Serious Issue with Windows Operating System -

Make sure your operating system has all of the latest updates installed on it.

It is possible that Windows may be seriously corrupted. If this is the case, usually the only course to take is a Windows reinstall.

If you continue to experience problems with programs locking the computer or stop responding we recommend you contact us to see if we can help.